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Hi! I’m Thora and I’m prepared to be your custom employment consultant.

And like you, I’m autistic. My story may sound familiar to you:

I start every job with high hopes that “maybe this will be the one where I fit in.” And after about a year of masking and trying so hard to be part of the team, I get exhausted and can’t keep up the mask. That’s when people begin to treat me poorly and oust me from team activities and conversations. This usually lasts a few weeks or months before either I can’t manage to stay there or I get fired for some small reason or other (when you and I know that it’s just because I’m different).

The silver lining to this perpetual cycle is that I continue to get better at finding and landing a new job. I’m never out of work if I don’t want to be. And having been a hiring manager for almost 20 years, I know all the secrets of job hunting and I’d love to share them with you. Including:

● How to make your resume stand out in 6 seconds!
● How to know which jobs to apply for and which ones to avoid!
● How to approach your application with style and professionalism!
● How to appear confident and composed in your interviews!
● How to negotiate salary so you get paid what you’re worth!


We are the autistic community's premium resume writing and cover letter building company.


I will be there for you and will ensure you have the best chance of making a great first impression.

Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none. If you are not happy, we are not happy.

“I was amazed at how a resume made that big of a difference. I would recommend anyone with a desire to see what other employment options are out there or if you are starting over like I did, please contact Thora! You will not regret it!”
David B.
Materials Supervisor
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